Обслуживать и управлять Жилищным фондом 
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Содействия осуществлению реформ в жилищно-коммунальном хозяйстве. Повышение качества управления и обслуживания жилищного фонда

Project description

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The overall objective of the PROMHOUSE project is to boost the development of the private sector and the economic diversification in Central Asia by way of empowering and strengthening private companies in the sector of housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In order to reach the goals, the project is designed with the following specific objectives in mind:

  • enhance the capacities of MSMEs and BIOs to represent their interests and encouraging them to take an active role in housing policy decision-making processes
  • improve professionalism as well as organisational and institutional capacities of BIOs to provide training and skill development activities for MSMEs (e.g. on housing management, financial management, energy efficiency (EE) in buildings et al.)
  • initiate vocational education and training (VET) for housing managers at Central Asian VET institutions
  • increase professional capacities of entrepreneurs and job seekers, in order to stimulate job creation and MSMEs development
  • support innovation through testing and disseminating new building and maintenance technologies, materials, and the involvement in local networks and clusters
  • strengthen links and networks between European and Central Asian BIOs and local authorities.

Main activities

The project duration: 2020 - 2023, including the preparation and realization of the following activities and the dissemination of project results:

  • Analyses of the economic potential of professional housing management in the countries
  • Recommendations for further implementation of professional housing management & qualifications of specialised staff
  • Professional standards for housing management
  • Curricula for VET education of housing managers
  • Development of a new edition of the guide to housing management and energy-efficient refurbishment
  • Study trips to Germany and Estonia.

Target groups

The work programme of the project and its individual activities are designed to meet the demands of the target groups as much as possible: professional housing managers; BIOs; service providers; MSME enterprises and entrepreneurs; education institutions (colleges); companies from the construction sectors; national and local authorities.

Project Presentation (eng)

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